English PolicyEdit

The Shop Empire wiki is an English only policy. It does not support any other languages. But you can use your native language in your own Profile Page. If there is a page that is Non - English, It can be tagged for a speedy deletion.

Patience to NewcomersEdit

When an editor edited a wiki page, It is a help to the wiki. If an editor has misspelled words, or has poor grammar, then you can correct it.

Editing Edit

English A+Edit

When you are editing, be sure that everyone can understand such as correct punctuation, correct capitalization, correct spelling and grammar. 



Vandalism is not allowed in the Wiki. If recieved several warnings, It will result to ban.

Own PropertyEdit

Your profile page is your personal page. You can put anything you want in there. Users are not allowed to edit other's profile pages unless if they are told.